Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Mikunda, Cottrell & Co., Inc. is a regional CPA and consulting firm. We deliver exceptional client value by combining personal attention with national expertise.

Our Vision

Mikunda, Cottrell & Co., Inc. will be a large multi-faceted CPA firm providing professional services which deliver exceptional value to diverse clients in a variety of geographic regions.

We will be a prosperous firm where employees appreciate a healthy work-life balance and opportunities for professional growth and financial success. 

Our Values

Customer Service

We focus on delivering exceptional value to our clients, not merely meeting their requests or needs.  We seek to understand what it means for our clients to be successful and how we can help them get there.


Our work is accurate, reliable and effectively presented.  We strive for excellence and are continually seeking and incorporating best practices into our business.


Integrity is at the heart of how we treat each other and our clients.  We are honest, maintain confidentiality, follow through on commitments and comply with the appropriate legal and ethical requirements.


We enjoy a rewarding work environment where we work hard to deliver exceptional value to our clients and we have active, fulfilling personal lives.