Financial Advisory Services

Foundations Asset Management (FAM) is an affiliate of Mikunda, Cottrell, & Co., Inc. and provides comprehensive wealth management services. Services include:

Creating and Growing Wealth through Appropriate Investments and Minimizing Taxes

  • Help define and prioritize your personal financial goals
  • Assess your risk tolerance and time horizons
  • Analyze and determine whether or not your goals can be met
  • Tailor recommendations to best meet your specifications
  • Implement the program and coordinate with other professionals
  • Periodically monitor the progress and communicate recommended changes
  • Evaluate impact of changing circumstances, both personal and economic

Protecting and Preserving Wealth

  • Analyze overall investment portfolio
  • Optimize asset allocation and diversification
  • Analyze overall insurance plan including life, disability and long-term care needs
  • Determine insurance appropriateness; adequacy, and cost effectiveness

Planning for the Distribution of Wealth during Life

  • Qualified retirement plans – investment and distribution issues
  • Executive stock options – funding, transferability, and tax issues
  • Gifting to descendents – control and tax issues
  • Charitable gifting – planning, tax and control issues

Planning for the Distribution of Wealth upon Premature Death

  • Titling of assets
  • Executor/Trustee issues
  • Distribution to spouse
  • Distribution to descendents and others
  • Issues of tax efficiency, control, and management