Internal Control and Sarbanes-Oxley Solutions

An organization fully reaps the benefits of internal control assessment when it regularly updates its evaluations.  Each update examines the effectiveness of existing controls and the need for any refinements.  The significance of any newly-identified vulnerability is evaluated to determine whether new controls are needed to mitigate that risk.  With each update or refreshment, internal control assessment becomes more of an internalized discipline that continually enhances the company’s business objectives, culture and values.

 At Mikunda, Cottrell & Co., we understand the importance of focus, strategy and communications in performing assessments that are well planned, based on strategy, executable and measurable.  We work closely with our clients to model services to fit their existing structure, process and staffing.  We understand the importance of communication and integrate it throughout every step of the process.  Our internal control advisory services include:

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Entity level risk assessment
  • Control self assessment
  • Fraud detection services

Operational Risk Services

  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Sarbanes-Oxley consulting
  • Internal controls assessment
  • General controls assessment
  • Policy and procedure development and review
  • Fraud prevention assessments
  • Process performance management
  • Operational performance studies
  • Financial reporting advisement
  • Data mining and analysis

Strategic Risk Services

  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic alignment and gap analysis
  • Regulatory compliance